About Us

Hi there,

My name is Victoria and I am the owner of Wise Wombat Educational Toys. 

I have two young children and over the last few years we have had the privilege of playing with a huge range of toys and games. I noticed pretty early on that my eldest interacted with open ended toys so much more than plastic electronic toys with all the lights and sounds. Toys like our play kitchen, dress ups, puzzles, books, musical instruments, building blocks, wooden train set, board games, play doh, drawing/craft supplies and baby dolls have provided thousands of hours of quality, interactive fun and learning. 

As my eldest prepares to start primary school in 2021, I have been on the lookout for quality toys and activities that will prepare her for her formal education years. I found some amazing products that teach numeracy and literacy, social skills and develop fine and gross motor skills. I also found some amazing products for my youngest who is working on mastering colour recognition and basic counting. The best part really was that all of the favourite products we found encouraged unplugged independence and/or parent-child or sibling interaction. We love wooden toys and open ended toys, we typically avoid plastic toys and those requiring batteries.

I have a passion for high-quality, high-fun educational toys and it is my mission to make them more readily available and affordable.

If you have any questions about any of our products, I am here to help.

I hope your family loves our toys as much as mine has!

Wise Wombat Educational Toys

We are currently an online only business. However, all products listed on this website are stocked by us - we do not drop ship.

Wombats have a reputation for being a bit dim.... and yet a group of Wombats is called a "Wisdom"